Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Weaving a plant support

For weaving a plant support you can use 'green' willow. That is willow that has been cut and left to dry outside for 8 weeks up to 3 months.

Take 12 tall, same length, thick rods of 6 to 9 feet.   

Put them in a big circle in the ground or a pot with soil/sand or piece of insulation as on the photos.

 Tie them together with string in a bow, a bit lower then the tips, to form a nice shape support.

You need a big bundle of weavers, different sizes but all thinner then the uprights.

Start with inserting the weaving rods, follow the photos.

It is important that you weave in the first 2 rods to secure them after one who;e round of weaving, so the weaving doesn't fall off. 

 Keep weaving, after 3 rounds on top of eachother, start weaving the band slowly up and around until you reach nearly the tie when it becomes difficult to weave between the uprights. Then insert 2 long thin weavers and turn them in one bundle (like a rope), but not weave them around the uprights. You can tie this 'willow rope' to the uprights with a string (I used plastic rip tie, but regret using plastic). A decorative willow tie is added on top of the string. You can invent a tie yourself; I made a Japanese knot. I hope to post instructions for this Japanese eye another time. 

Good luck and have fun practising!

Contact me if you need any help! monique@willowweaving.com 


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